Professional Tree Service in Arlington, VA from Certified Arborists

What to Expect When You Hire Riverbend Tree Service

You want a tree service company that is qualified for any task. Our staff delivers the best tree service in Arlington, VA, thanks to our experience and credentials. Choosing our team means you'll be working with:

  • Tree experts with a combined experience of more than 65 years
  • Members of the Tree Care Industry Association and American Society of Consulting Arborists
  • Arborists who hold certification from the International Society of Arboriculture
  • ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified tree professionals
  • Local men and women who value family and community

Whether you need emergency tree service, storm damage clean-up, or routine tree trimming, Riverbend Tree Service is here to help. We proudly provide residential and commercial tree service in Arlington, VA. Turn to us whenever you need professional tree care, and our certified arborists will come to the rescue.

We specialize in tree pruning, large tree removal, stump grinding, and much more. Give our team a call at (703)-951-4895 to speak with an expert and request a consultation.

The Riverbend Landscapes & Tree Service ground crew moves branches and debris from a Virginia property during a tree removal.

Our Arlington, VA Tree Services

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

Cutting down trees from your property requires the right team and equipment. Riverbend Tree Service is up to the task and will come ready to perform large tree removal with a crane or sectional removals with professional tree climbers. We understand the safest way to remove dead or hazardous trees from your yard and will haul away any debris.

As an add-on service, we can also remove the remaining tree stumps. Otherwise, you risk tripping over them and even attracting unwanted pests or diseases to the other trees in your yard. We use heavy-duty equipment to chip away at the stump and surface roots, then fill the hole with wood shavings to give your yard a clean, even look.

Tree Health Management

Our trained arborists focus on tree preservation and management so your vegetation stays healthy and vibrant for years to come. We'll inspect your property, identify potential hazards, and provide lasting solutions to improve and maintain your trees’ health. Our team relies on several methods for tree and shrub care, including:

If you have trees or shrubs that don't grow, our ISA-certified arborists will test your soil and amend it with the right minerals and nutrients for sufficient plant growth. We can also plan appropriate cabling and bracing to help your tree grow into a healthy shape. Discover the difference our crew can make when you choose us to manage your property's trees.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Do your trees have overgrown branches that need trimming? Give us a call to schedule this popular tree service in Arlington, VA. Our team tackles tree pruning using techniques that support healthy tree growth.

This essential service not only keeps your yard looking great but also prevents future tree damage. Ask our team about property protection pruning if you have low-hanging branches that hover over your garage, home, or business. We can remove the hazardous branches, so your property remains safe.

If your primary goal is improving the look of your tree, we also specialize in structural pruning to reshape the top portion of the tree. You'll enjoy a visually appealing landscape and have peace of mind that no branches will damage your property.

Storm Damage Clean-up and Emergency Tree Service in Arlington, VA

Removing storm-damaged trees can take days if you don't have the proper equipment or resources. Our local team can get to your home right away and haul away any fallen trees after severe weather hits Arlington. We provide fast and effective emergency tree removal and storm damage clean-up so you can return to your normal routine.

Our crew uses heavy-duty equipment that makes the clean-up process much easier, including:

  • Safety harnesses
  • Bucket trucks
  • Cranes
  • Hauling equipment

Lot Clearing

If you're looking to expand your property but overgrown brush and trees stand in your way, reach out to our experts. We offer lot clearing services that focus on hazard mitigation. It's our goal to clear the necessary number of trees while preserving as much of the lot as possible.

Our arborists can help you identify protected species for permitting and tree replacement, as well as inspecting your property for signs of pests or diseases that could affect newly planted trees.

Why Choose Us?

We're not your average tree service company. We truly care about the community because it's where we live. Our owner is a native of nearby Great Falls and takes pride in getting to know our customers personally.  

We guarantee superior service on every project because of our commitment to our customers, unmatched industry experience, and being locally and family-owned. Customers who book our services always receive: 

  • Competitive rates 
  • Timely service consultations 
  • Detailed guidance from friendly crew members 
  • A clean job site after we finish a project 
ISA Certified Arborist - logo

ISA Certified Arborists

To ensure all tree work is safely and professionally done to industry standards

Locally-Owned & Operated

Founded, owned, and operated by a life-long Great Falls, VA resident

Customer-Focused & Responsive

We always keep you updated and deliver on YOUR needs

Licensed & Fully Insured

For your protection - and ours

  • ISA Certified Arborist - logo

    ISA Certified Arborists

    To ensure all tree work is safely and professionally done to industry standards

  • Locally-owned & operated

    Founded, owned, and operated by a life-long Great Falls, VA resident

  • Customer-Focused & Responsive to Your Needs

    We always keep you updated and deliver on YOUR needs

  • Licensed & Fully Insured

    For your protection - and ours

What We Love About Arlington, VA

Arlington is one of the best cities within the DMV region and has plenty of things to see and do that our team can't get enough of. The area boasts picturesque views of the Potomac River, a mix of cityscapes and green space, as well as historic landmarks. You'll catch our staff exploring all the magnificent sights, shops, and restaurants that Arlington has to offer, including:

Did You Know?

Arlington residents can remove trees on private property with no permit required, as long as the property isn't within a Local Historic District or Resource Protection Area. If you reside in a Resource Protection Area, officials will expedite the permit process if you're looking to remove a dead or hazardous tree. 

"Riverbend did an excellent job of felling six large trees very near my house with no damage to property of landscape. They were professional, safe, skilled and took great care to protect and leave my property as it was before they came. Marcel Girard is n expert. I highly recommend this group!"

Michael Morin

"These guys are fantastic. A reasonable price for outstanding service. They were punctual, polite, professional, fast, and extremely safe. They were very careful to drop the limbs in my yard and not the neighbors. You will want to watch them work just to see the show. They are incredible. I will have them back later this year to do more work."

Chris Farris

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