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What To Expect When Riverbend Tree Service Serves Your Family

We provide comprehensive tree service backed by several credentials, including:

We also have the necessary certifications to work in both Virginia and Maryland. When you work with us, you can expect a highly qualified crew that treats you like an old friend throughout your tree and shrub care services.

Whether you own a residential or commercial property in Falls Church, VA, you want it to look its best throughout the year. Healthy trees add extensive beauty to all properties. But how do you know where to plant one or whether your tree has health issues?

That’s where our tree service in Falls Church, VA, comes in handy! The team at Riverbend Tree Service includes several experts with over 65 years of combined expertise and experience. Owner Logan Jones grew up just 20 minutes away in Great Falls and has a deep love and understanding for the area’s native tree species.


Services We Offer in Falls Church, VA

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

While we try to save every tree we can, you might need our tree removal and stump grinding services for a dead or dying tree. Although saying goodbye to an old, mature tree on your property can be sad, this service is sometimes necessary to protect your property, family, and neighbors.

After determining that cabling and bracing won’t solve the issue, we’ll begin the removal process. Our tree removal services include:

  • Hazard mitigation
  • Tree removal with a crane
  • Tree felling

We typically finish the service with thorough stump grinding. Otherwise, the stump may live for many years, attracting insects, fungi, and other organisms that threaten surrounding trees.

Pruning and Trimming

Many locals schedule tree pruning and tree trimming services to make their trees look shapely and attractive. But did you know these services can improve your trees’ health and protect your property? We recommend that all residents regularly schedule this all-important tree service in Falls Church, VA.

Our pruning techniques include:

  • Structural pruning. Our structural pruning practices strengthen the tree’s overall structure. Young trees especially benefit from structural pruning.
  • Property protection pruning. If you notice a weak or dead limb outstretched toward buildings on your property, you need property protection pruning. Our arborists will safely remove dangerous limbs.
  • Hazard mitigation pruning. We’ll eliminate potential threats like dead or dying sections and limbs damaged by inclement weather.
  • Crown shaping. When a tree needs professional styling to make it look neater, it benefits from some crown reshaping.
  • Crown raising.We raise the tree’s ground clearance by eliminating limbs and other structures just below the desired crown area.
  • Crown cleaning. Crown cleaning is a type of hazard mitigation pruning that eliminates damaged or competing limbs for a stronger, healthier tree.

Tree Health Management

Just like us, trees need proper rest cycles, nutrition, water, and air. Our tree health management services ensure your trees get the resources they need to lead long, healthy lives. The steps in our tree preservation and management plans include:

  1. We start with soil tests to determine whether your tree has access to adequate nutrients and soil pH. We’ll also inspect its branch, trunk, and root health to identify any obvious issues from pest infestations or diseases.
  2. Based on the test and inspection results, we’ll develop a detailed fertilization plan specifically for that tree to supplement necessary nutrients directly to the roots and soil.
  3. We’ll create a detailed schedule featuring the best times to fertilize, perform pruning services, or take pest prevention measures.

Land Clearing

If you’ve recently purchased a piece of property where you want to break ground, get in touch with us about our lot-clearing services. Our arborists will help you avoid hazards, preserve numerous trees, and make informed decisions about your construction project.

Emergency Tree Service

You might need emergency tree service when a tree poses an immediate threat to your property. When a tree’s trunk has extensive damage, it can’t support itself for much longer. It could fall and damage your property or even injure people.

Our emergency tree removal service also extends to storm damage clean-up. Large limbs and weak trees sometimes fall during violent storms. Other times, the storm irreparably damages a tree. We’ll begin removing storm-damaged trees from your property as soon as we arrive.

Call our emergency hotline at (703)-844-3886.

Why Choose Our Tree Services in Falls Church, VA?

Riverbend Tree Service is owned by a local family who values the communities nearby, striving to protect local trees on residential and commercial properties alike. As such, each team member has in-depth knowledge about municipal tree permits in Falls Church, VA, and the greater Fairfax County area. We also take pride in our other offerings, including:


ISA Board Certified Master Arborist

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ISA-certified arborists

We maintain industry standards throughout every service.

Locally owned and operated

We are your neighbor and a part of your community.

Excellent customer care

We keep you informed while demonstrating courtesy and care.

Licensed and insured

Your family and property are safe with us.

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    ISA Board Certified Master Arborist

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    We maintain industry standards throughout every service.


    We are your neighbor and a part of your community. 


    We keep you informed while demonstrating courtesy and care.


    Your family and property are safe with us.

Why We Love Falls Church, VA

Located in Fairfax County, Falls Church, VA, is home to an active, nature-loving community. Residents and visitors alike enjoy local art, music, and shopping experiences. On our days off, we enjoy visiting:

We also recommend A Field Guide to Fairfax County’s Plants and Wildlife to our neighbors who want to learn more about their surroundings!

Did You Know…

Specimen Trees in various locations. The city doesn’t grant removal permits for these trees unless arborists confirm they are dying or otherwise hazardous.

"I have hired Riverbend twice. Last year to trim two large trees, and this year to remove a peach tree. Both times, I was able to get the estimate in a couple of days and the work done within a week. The teams were very efficient and professional and left my yard perfectly cleaned up. I will definitely be hiring them again - and recommend them highly!"

Kristen Kanack

"Riverbend did a great job removing a very large tree and stump right next to my house. I had several estimates, and they were very competitive in price and excellent in service. I recommend you consider them."

Judy MacDonald

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