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What Should You Expect From Riverbend Tree Service?

By choosing Riverbend Tree Service, you choose exemplary customer service and extensive industry experience. We hold our team to the highest industry standards and demonstrate our knowledge through thoughtful customer interactions focusing on tree and property preservation. As Virginia locals offering arborist services, we proudly obtained the following credentials:

Our certifications allow us to serve both Virginia and Maryland.

Every tree on your residential or commercial property has a rich history and offers shade and beauty. When locals need comprehensive tree services in Oakton, VA, it's no surprise they choose our team at Riverbend Tree Service. We're proud to be Oakton's local, trusted tree service company.

Our team at Riverbend Tree Service puts over 65 years of experience and skill to work for residents like you. Our ISA-certified arborists prioritize health management and maintenance to ensure your trees live long, healthy lives.


Our Oakton, VA Tree Services

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding in Oakton

Although the Fairfax County government urges residents to prioritize tree preservation over tree removal, you must sometimes remove a tree from the property rather than seek cabling and bracing services. Dead or dying trees can pose a risk to people and building structures. We offer the following tree-removal techniques:

  • Tree removal with a crane: Sometimes, we remove massive trees. These trees often require heavy equipment such as cranes to fell the tree safely.
  • Removing storm-damaged trees: Powerful storms can weaken damaged or sick trees. Our team will promptly arrive following a storm to assess and remove dangerous specimens.
  • Stump grinding: After we fell a tree, a stump remains jutting out of the ground. We’ll grind the stump and remove the dead wood to discourage fungi and pest infestations.

Tree Pruning

You probably know tree trimming and tree pruning are essential to tree health and longevity. However, many of our clients don't realize they can damage the tree using bad pruning techniques. Our arborists employ the following methods to encourage health, stability, and growth:

  • Hazard mitigation: Also referred to as property protection pruning, hazard mitigation eliminates potentially dangerous limbs that could fall and injure people or damage property.
  • Crown raising: Some trees grow low-hanging branches that swipe people and cars. We keep removing these unruly limbs and raising the tree's crown.
  • Crown cleaning: Too many limbs can crowd the trunk and compete for nutrients. We clean up the crown by eliminating excess limbs. The remaining branches can access much-needed nutrients, water, and sunlight.
  • Crown shaping: Do you want your trees to look lush and uniform? We’ll shape each tree to look stylish and full.
  • Structural pruning: This pruning technique protects the tree’s structure. Sometimes, limbs put pressure on the trunk, threatening the entire tree. We identify and eliminate those limbs.

Call us for these and more tree services in Oakton, VA, annually for fuller, healthier tree growth.

Tree Health Management

Tree preservation and management involve all other aspects of managing a tree’s health. Every tree species requires certain nutrients and pest treatments to increase its longevity and health. Our tree health management services assist with the following:

  • Fertilization: We test the soil surrounding a tree for nutrient density. If we find the soil lacks essential nutrients, we develop a custom fertilizer blend to secure the specimen’s health.
  • Trunk and root health management: Trunks and roots are integral to a tree’s structural health. They also transfer essential nutrients throughout the specimen’s body. We check for signs of unsteady structures and find solutions.
  • Pest and disease treatment: Virginian trees have a wealth of destructive pests and diseases they must battle each year. We offer eco-friendly treatment solutions to protect them from the most recent threats.

Land Clearing

Contrary to common belief, construction projects don’t have to cause excessive tree loss. With our ISA-certified arborist at your side, you can navigate a  lot-clearing project  by removing only the necessary trees without damaging surrounding trees.

Emergency Tree Service and Storm Damage Clean-up

We offer emergency tree removal services for a variety of circumstances:

  • Violent, windy storms that uproot or weaken trees
  • Vehicle wrecks involving severely wounded trees
  • Diseased trees that lean excessively

We’ll assist with storm damage clean-up and other catastrophes. Call our hotline at (703) 844-3886 to request emergency services.

Why Choose Riverbend Tree Service?

James Logan, the owner of Riverbend Tree Service, was born and raised in Great Falls, VA. His deep connection to the local area drives his commitment to the community and its native habitat. We proudly offer:


ISA Board Certified Master Arborist

ISA Certified Arborist - logo

ISA Certified Arborists

Our team uses industry standards as the blueprint for each successful service

Local Ownership and Operation

No company cares about the community and local environment like a local business

Excellent Customer Service

We prioritize neighborly, long-lasting relationships with each customer

A Fully Licensed and Insured Staff

We believe in providing a safe work environment for team members and customers

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    ISA Board Certified Master Arborist

  • ISA Certified Arborist - logo


    Our team uses industry standards as the blueprint for each successful service


    No company cares about the community and local environment like a local business


     We prioritize neighborly, long-lasting relationships with each customer


    We believe in providing a safe work environment for team members and customers

Why We Love Oakton, VA

Nestled in gorgeous, outdoorsy Fairfax County, the city of Oakton supports a culture that appreciates its natural surroundings — it's why we love providing tree services here. Although Oakton, VA, is a small town, it has a lot to offer residents and visitors. Local parks promote wildlife and habitat education. Some of our favorite attractions include:

Did You Know…

In 2020, residents of Oakton, VA, effectively saved an ancient oak tree from the Virginia Department of Transportation’s removal orders, which would have caused the tree’s death. This historic tree predates the Civil War and grows on Hunter Mill Road. The VDOT made a motion to remove it following a lightning strike damaging an important limb. Hopefully, the VDOT will continue working with residents and arborists to preserve this impressive specimen.

"A professional and friendly crew arrived on time to prune my dogwood tree. I had overgrown twisted and dead branches before they started. Now I have a beautiful-looking tree. Thank you for the love and care!"

Patricia Chekole

"Riverbend Tree Service is professional and fair. The tree men are like superheroes, signing up in the sky like Spiderman while being careful and diligent at the same time. Riverbend Tree Service cares both for their own safety and for my lawn. If you ever need a tree down in your yard or any type of landscaping, these are the guys you want."

WD Miller

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