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What To Expect When You Hire Riverbend

We have many certifications from tree industry professional organizations, as well as all necessary licenses and insurance to perform tree work in Virginia. Our qualifications include:

Whether you own a home or a business in Leesburg, you likely need occasional tree services to address arboricultural concerns on your property. At Riverbend Tree Service, we have ISA-certified arborists on staff ready to inspect your trees. When you need tree service in Leesburg, VA, trust our experienced arborists for tree trimming, emergency tree removal, lot clearing, and fertilization.

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Our Leesburg, VA Tree Services

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

Sometimes a tree may grow too large or develop weaknesses that can put nearby people, structures, and other trees at risk. Trees growing too closely together may compete for resources or spread pests and diseases to injured or weak individuals in the group. Our arborists inspect each customer's property carefully to develop a custom plan for tree removal, including:

  • Tree climbing with industry-standard safety gear
  • Large tree removal with a crane
  • Stump grinding (add-on service)
  • Hauling trees and tree pieces away
  • Post-job yard clean-up

Live stumps can attract pests and diseases to your yard that could infect healthy trees nearby and can damage lawn equipment like lawn mowers. We offer professional stump grinding as an add-on service for tree removal to grind down remaining stumps approximately 12 inches below the ground surface, as well as any surface roots that could pose a tripping hazard.

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Regular tree trimming can keep your trees looking lush and beautiful while maintaining their health and structure. For tree pruning and trimming, turn to our tree service in Leesburg, VA. We can identify when and where to trim according to ANSI A300 standards to remove dead or dying limbs and manipulate your tree into a strong and aesthetically pleasing shape.

Our tree trimming services include:

  • Property Protection Pruning. Usually including crown cleaning and crown raising, we’ll look for branches that could pose a danger to people or structures nearby, such as low-hanging branches. 
  • Structural Pruning. Usually including crown reduction or shaping and crown cleaning, we’ll look for crossing branches, dead branches, and other weaknesses to improve a tree’s strength and support. 
  • Hazard Mitigation Pruning. If a tree has been damaged and poses an immediate threat, we can trim away the damaged areas to potentially save the tree with cabling and bracing. 

Tree Health Management

A TRAQ-certified arborist can inspect your trees, perform a tree risk assessment, and take soil samples for testing to develop a custom treatment and prevention plan for tree preservation and management on your property.


When we test your soil, we’ll discover more about the pH, nutritional density, soil compaction, and other data about the dirt that feeds your trees. We can then develop custom fertilizer formulas and soil amendments to add organic matter and slow-release nutrients to the soil and supplement your trees with what they need to grow big and strong.

Root Health Management

A tree’s roots absorb water and nutrients from the soil around them. The fine root hairs around the larger root structures do most of the work. If the soil is too compact or your tree doesn’t develop enough root hairs, we can use soil aeration to loosen the soil, soil amendments to condition the soil, and deep root fertilization to encourage root development.

Insect Pests and Diseases

Species of insects and diseases that can harm trees in Northern Virginia include:

Our arborists can identify harmful infestations or infections on your trees and use targeted formulas of pesticides, fungicides, and horticultural oils for treatment and prevention.

Emergency Tree Service and Storm Damage Clean-Up

We offer emergency tree service after storms for emergency tree removal of fallen or damaged trees. Damaged trees are unpredictable and may fall entirely or roll over. Removing storm-damaged trees is a job for our safety-certified professionals only.

For emergency tree removal by Riverbend Tree Service, call our 24/7 emergency tree service hotline at (703)-844-3886.

Land Clearing

If you’re planning new construction on an uncleared property, let us plan and perform lot clearing for you. Our arborists can identify any trees that require removal, as well as helping you plan to retain as many trees as possible on the property.

Why Choose Riverbend?

Our customers proudly choose us for tree service in Leesburg, VA, for several reasons, including:

ISA Certified Arborist - logo

ISA Certified Arborists

We follow ANSI A300 standards for tree and shrub care

Locally-Owned & Operated

Owner Logan Jones grew up half an hour away in Great Falls

Customer-Focused & Responsive

We strive to determine which services your trees need to flourish without unnecessary add-ons

Licensed & Fully Insured

If anything happens on your property, we’re protected, and so are you

  • ISA Certified Arborist - logo

    ISA Certified Arborists

    To ensure all tree work is safely and professionally done to industry standards

  • Locally-owned & operated

    Founded, owned, and operated by a life-long Great Falls, VA resident

  • Customer-Focused & Responsive to Your Needs

    We always keep you updated and deliver on YOUR needs

  • Licensed & Fully Insured

    For your protection - and ours

What We Love About Leesburg

Leesburg offers several fascinating historical sights with lots of fun outdoor spaces for the whole family. On our days off, we enjoy visiting Leesburg to check out: 

Did You Know?

The Leesburg Urban Forestry Department manages trees on public property like rights-of-way, parks, and government-owned properties. They also offer a tree selection guide to help homeowners find an appropriate tree to plant in their yards.

"A professional and friendly crew arrived on time to prune my dogwood tree. I had overgrown twisted and dead branches before they started. Now I have a beautiful-looking tree. Thank you for the love and care!"

Patricia Chekole

"Riverbend removed a tree from an emergency fall in a storm. They came so fast to clear it, worked so hard, and left the space so clean. It looked better than when the tree fell. I cannot say enough good things about the team!"

Allison Ballard

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