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What To Expect When You Hire Riverbend for Tree Work in Reston

We’re licensed, certified, and insured to perform tree work safely. When you call use, rest assured that we’re backed by:

For professional tree service at your home or business property, turn to our certified experts at Riverbend Tree Service. We offer a range of options for tree service in Reston, VA, including tree trimming, cabling and bracing, tree preservation and management, lot clearing, and other types of tree and shrub care.

See what our clients say on our customer reviews page. For tree services by ISA-certified arborists, call us at Riverbend Tree Service today at (703)-783-7728 to schedule an inspection and estimate.


Our Reston, VA Tree Services

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

While we often try to reduce the size and spread of a tree with pruning, sometimes a tree is too large or is dying from a pest infestation or disease. Sometimes roots create a tripping hazard when they lift sections of sidewalk, and branches may hang over roadways or interfere with power lines. We can help you develop a tree removal plan and apply for approval with the Design Review Board (DRB).

Our tree removal services include:

  • Tree climbing with safety gear
  • Large tree removal with a crane
  • Hauling pieces of the felled tree away
  • Post-job yard clean-up
  • Stump grinding (add-on service)

Live stumps can create a tripping hazard in your yard that could also damage your lawn equipment. Additionally, stumps can attract pests and diseases that could harm the remaining trees on your property. With stump grinding, we can grind down the stump and nearby surface roots and fill the hole with the chips to decompose.

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Trees need regular trimming to stay healthy, strong, and beautiful. We use the top industry standards for tree pruning to remove dead or damaged branches, improve the canopy shape, improve air and light flow through the canopy, and remove hazards like low-hanging branches.

Our tree trimming services include:

  • Property protection pruning
  • Structural pruning
  • Hazard mitigation pruning
  • Crown cleaning pruning
  • Crown raising pruning
  • Crown reduction or shaping pruning

A certified arborist will inspect your trees to develop an effective tree-trimming strategy for each specimen on your property.

Tree Health Management

Our TRAQ-certified specialists can inspect your trees and take soil samples to develop a comprehensive tree health management plan. We can then develop a custom tree preservation and management plan to include fertilization, soil amendments, and other essential tree and shrub care services.

Root Health Management

Healthy trees begin with healthy roots. If your soil is too compact or your trees don’t have enough fine root hairs to absorb water and nutrients, they won’t flourish. We can plan aeration, deep root fertilization, and mixing in organic matter around your tree’s roots.


Depending on your soil test results, we can determine which nutrients and organic materials your trees need to grow. We’ll make a custom fertilizer for your trees and calculate an appropriate application schedule, as well as adding organic soil amendments to condition the soil that feeds your trees.

Insect Pests and Diseases

If we see signs of infection or infestation by certain species of insects, fungi, or tree diseases, we can apply targeted treatments to suppress any active infections or infestations, as well as prevent recurrence in the future.

Some species of insects and diseases common in Northern Virginia include:

Emergency Tree Service and Storm Damage Clean-Up

Our emergency tree service includes storm damage clean-up and removing storm-damaged trees that have fallen due to high winds, heavy snow, or flooding. Emergency tree removal can be dangerous, and you should never attempt to address a fallen tree on your property yourself.

If you need help removing a damaged or fallen tree after a storm, call our 24/7 emergency tree service hotline at (703)-844-3886.

Land Clearing

If you’re developing a residential or commercial property for new construction, let us inspect the property to determine the best plan for lot clearing. We can handle every step, from inspection to planning, cutting, hauling, and grading. We can also help you plan to preserve as many trees as possible.

Why Choose Riverbend?

Owner Logan Jones grew up just 15 minutes from Reston in Great Falls. At Riverbend Tree Service, we pride ourselves on being locally owned and operated with the top certifications in the tree care industry to offer professional tree service in Reston, VA. See why our customers recommend us. 

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ISA Certified Arborists

We have several tree industry certifications, including TRAQ and organizational memberships

Locally-Owned & Operated

Based in Great Falls, VA, we proudly serve the surrounding areas of Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Customer-Focused & Responsive

We inspect every tree on your property to recommend only the services you need

Licensed & Fully Insured

We’re protected while working on your property, and so are you

  • ISA Certified Arborist - logo

    ISA Certified Arborists

    To ensure all tree work is safely and professionally done to industry standards

  • Locally-owned & operated

    Founded, owned, and operated by a life-long Great Falls, VA resident

  • Customer-Focused & Responsive to Your Needs

    We always keep you updated and deliver on YOUR needs

  • Licensed & Fully Insured

    For your protection - and ours

What We Love About Reston

Reston is one of the best places to live in Virginia according to, and we couldn’t agree more. Full of things to do for the whole family, we enjoy visiting Reston on our days off to check out:

Did You Know?

The Reston Association regulates tree removal in the community, requiring approval for most tree removals by application with the Design Review Board (DRB). The Reston Comprehensive Plan outlines advocacy points for parks and recreation, land use and infrastructure, the environment, transportation, and equity. 

"Riverbend employees are true professionals. We had a very difficult tree to remove that would have been easier if we got rid of other branches from a close by beloved tree. They listened and said they would do their best. Well, they not only did their best, they did it in THE best way and didn’t even touch the other tree. I was so impressed. Highly recommend them for tree removal."

Amy Swaak

"Logan was very responsive - providing us with a same-day quote. His team was onsite within a couple of days! They were very cautious - working closely to our neighbor's home and our fence. This is our 3rd time using Riverbend -- they're our go-to!"

Cindy Keith

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