Professional Tree Services in Fairfax, VA

What to Expect When You Hire Riverbend Tree Service

We're honored when local residents of Fairfax choose us for their tree care needs. Here's what you can expect from us:

  • Knowledge of the local area and town guidelines
  • ISA-certified arborists that arrive promptly
  • Rapid response times during emergencies
  • Fully licensed and insured

Handling large trees on your own is a dangerous task, so reach out to Riverbend Tree Service. Get the help you need from the five-star professionals with the safety equipment, machinery, and determination necessary to provide professional tree service in Fairfax, VA. We're the locally-owned team to call.

Our business is a member of both the American Society of Consulting Arborists (ASCA) and the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), always adhering to ANSI A300 Standards with our work. We are also ISA-certified arborists with a combined 65 years of experience, always expanding on our skills and creating the best possible tree care experience for Fairfax residents.

We're dedicated to providing high-quality tree removal, crown maintenance, lot clearing, and tree pruning services for the Fairfax community. Call our team today at (703)-402-9366 to schedule a tree inspection.

Our Fairfax, VA Tree Services

Tree Pruning Services in Fairfax, Virginia

Enjoy safe and careful structural pruning for trees around your home or business. Tree trimming is necessary from time to time to prevent growth from getting out of control or branches from interfering with buildings, power lines, and other hazards. However, it's best to call the professionals at Riverbend Tree Service to avoid getting hurt and to receive top results.

Some of our most popular tree-trimming services are:

  • Property protection pruning
  • Hazard mitigation pruning
  • Crown clearing
  • Crown shaping or reduction
  • Crown raising

We can also add cabling and bracing to improve the tree’s structure and growth pattern.

Fairfax's Best Tree Removal Team

Trees can grow out of control, experience pest infestation, or develop diseases that can weaken or kill them. Our business makes every effort to preserve as many trees as we can. Unfortunately, we aren't always able to save a tree, even with professional tree preservation and management services.

Some tree removal services we provide are:

  • Large tree removal with a crane
  • Stump grinding (as an add-on)
  • Emergency tree removal

Contact us today for tree service in Fairfax, VA.

Tree Health Management for Fairfax Property Owners

Take the health of your trees to the next level with our top-grade tree health management services. We do everything from strengthening root health and fertilization plans to addressing invasive insects, diseases, and other tree health concerns. Our tree health management services include:

Aeration and Deep Fertilization for Root Health

Our arborists can ensure your roots have the right soil and nutrition they need to survive and thrive through soil aeration and deep root fertilization. We can craft a customized rejuvenation program for optimal tree health.

Fertilization and Soil Amendments

Let us help you achieve the best soil possible with our fertilization treatments! After soil testing for pH and organic matter composition, we’ll develop a personally crafted fertilization plan based on our years of experience and your property's needs.

Insects and Diseases

If you're concerned about a diseased or insect-infested tree, you can count on us to receive the appropriate tree service. We can apply safe treatments to combat unwanted pests and stop the spread of disease with targeted treatments that are better for the environment.

Emergency Tree Service Storm Damage Clean-Up

Removing storm-damaged trees is never a job for the average Fairfax homeowner. Many trees come in contact with power lines, crush cars, and require heavy-duty equipment to safely remove. Leave the lifting and removal to our licensed, insured, and experienced arborists and crews.

We provide emergency tree service storm damage clean-up services because severe weather can do serious damage to trees and your property. Our crew comes prepared with cranes, safety equipment, and other necessary tools for emergency tree removal and more. You can always call our emergency hotline for 24/7 support at (703)-402-9366.

Lot Clearing for Your Next Build

Clear land and grade soil the right way with the help of Riverbend Tree Service. We can help you prepare for the construction of your new commercial or residential space and recommend ways to save as many trees as possible. Our arborists are certified to recognize hazards and will alert you of those before proceeding. 

Why Choose Us?

Since 2016, our team has helped residents of Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia maintain their property's trees and plant life. With multi-state certifications and a passion for tree care, we stop at nothing to achieve excellence. Explore some of the reasons the good people of Fairfax trust Riverbend Tree Service for their needs.

ISA Certified Arborist - logo

ISA-Certified Staff

Our business holds itself to high industry standards to produce the best work. 

Friendly Customer Service

You'll always have a team member ready to answer your questions with a smile.

Lasting Relationships

Our customers are like family to us. We form relationships with our clients, and they know they can count on us to answer the call in an emergency. 

Insured and Qualified

We offer peace of mind by protecting your property while we work.

  • ISA Certified Arborist - logo

    ISA Certified Arborists

    To ensure all tree work is safely and professionally done to industry standards

  • Locally-owned & operated

    Founded, owned, and operated by a life-long Great Falls, VA resident

  • Customer-Focused & Responsive to Your Needs

    We always keep you updated and deliver on YOUR needs

  • Licensed & Fully Insured

    For your protection - and ours

What We Love About Fairfax

Fairfax is a bustling independent city with a large, welcoming community. It's home to George Mason University, the Fairfax County Public Library, and the talented rugby league the community loves to support, the Fairfax Eagles. We love attending some of the local festivals each year, including:

Did You Know?

Loblolly pine and red maple boast the highest number of trees in the state of Virginia. The loblolly pine also has the greatest volume, as does the yellow poplar. These top tree species are beautiful and well-loved by Fairfax residents. 

"Riverbend removed a giant two-trunk from a 90’ tree that was behind my house. They used a crane, and the job was flawlessly done. They only left me with some sawdust. They did not damage the lawn. It was fun to see the experts at work. They also removed two other trees in our woods. There was some debris left, but it was at par with other tree removal services. I would use them again."

Mona Wells

"From quote to clean up was only a few days! We had two large trees that had exposed roots that were heading for our driveway and our neighbors. They outgrew our front lawn and, unfortunately, needed to go. Marcel from Riverbend was very responsive, and his quote was very reasonable. They removed the trees, the stumps, and the roots. Once complete, they placed sod and cleaned up the area. Can’t even tell that we had trees on our front lawn. Thanks!"

Cory R.

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Riverbend Tree Care continues to provide unparalleled tree service in Fairfax, VA, and other nearby communities. We offer all essential tree services, from tree removal to trimming, emergency tree services, and more. Call us at (703)-402-9366 to set an appointment or connect with the emergency hotline at (703) 844-3886. 


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