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  • Insured for Tree Work
  • TCIA Member
  • ASCA Member
  • ANSI A300 Standards
  • ISA-Certified Arborists
  • ISA TRAQ Certified
  • Certified in Virginia and Maryland

Residential and commercial property owners trust Riverbend Tree Service for tree removal, emergency tree service, large tree removal with a crane, tree trimming and pruning, tree and shrub care, and fertilization. When you need ISA-certified arborist tree services in Great Falls, VA, turn to our local expert team with a combined experience of over 65 years in the business.

We’re certified for tree work in Virginia and Maryland and have an ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ) arborist on staff. We are proud members of the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) and follow all ANSI A300 Standards. We are also members of the American Society of Consulting Arborists (ASCA).

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Our Great Falls, VA Tree Services

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

Sometimes trees develop weaknesses in structure or lose strength and vitality after suffering from a disease or pest infestation. They can grow too big for the property or interfere with buildings, sidewalks, or power lines. Trees sometimes grow too close together and compete for resources. When any of these issues arise, tree removal is sometimes the best option.

One of our certified arborists will inspect the trees on your property to develop a tree removal plan for specimens that can’t benefit from cabling and bracing or other tree preservation and management strategies. At Riverbend Tree Service, we offer several tree removal options, including:

  • Large tree removal with a crane
  • Tree felling
  • Hazardous tree removal

We also offer stump grinding as an add-on service to tree removal. Leaving stumps behind can attract diseases and pests, create a hazard to people and equipment in your yard, and allow new stems to regrow from the stump. We’ll grind down the stump and surface roots, then fill the hole with the shavings.

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Tree trimming is necessary to maintain tree health and beauty. Our tree services in Great Falls, VA, include assessing the trees on your property to determine if they need structural pruning, property protection pruning, or hazard mitigation pruning. Some of our more common tree trimming methods include:

  • Crown cleaning. We’ll look for weak, crossing, dead, or dying branches and remove them to reduce the risk to the tree from pests and diseases.
  • Crown raising. We’ll trim low-hanging limbs that pose a danger to pedestrians or structures under the tree to improve ground clearance.
  • Crown reduction or shaping. We’ll give the tree a haircut and crop the canopy by shortening limbs to reduce the size and height of the canopy and improve its shape.
  • Hazardous tree pruning. We can address immediate concerns for hazard mitigation, including trees damaged by wind, snow, ice, fire, or lightning.

We’ll assess your trees and determine the best method to address each tree’s issues effectively with the right tree pruning method.

Tree Health Management

Ask about our tree health management programs if you want to beautify and strengthen your trees. Our TRAQ-certified arborist will inspect your trees, perform a Tree Risk Assessment, and take soil samples to develop a custom tree preservation and management plan for tree and shrub care around your property.


We’ll get soil tests from your property to measure the pH, nutrients, soil composition, and other factors in your soil, then create a custom fertilization plan, including a fertilizer blend tailored to your landscape conditions, organic and mineral soil amendments, and a schedule of applications timed to have maximum impact.

Insect Pests and Diseases

Many species of diseases, fungi, and insects infect or infest trees in Northern Virginia, including:

If you notice signs of poor health in your trees and shrubs, contact us as soon as possible. We can identify the cause and apply targeted treatments of pesticides, fungicides, or horticultural oils to treat certain conditions and prevent re-infection of your trees in the future.

Root Health Management

Our customized root rejuvenation program targets root health, including soil aeration, loosening soil compaction, and improving the absorption rate of water and nutrient through the tree's roots.

Emergency Tree Service and Storm Damage Clean-Up

Fallen or storm-damaged trees can be unstable and dangerous to attempt to remove on your own. Removing storm-damaged trees requires professional training and safety equipment during storm damage clean-up. Our Emergency Tree Removal Team can manage emergency tree removal with safety harnesses, leads, bucket trucks, and cranes.

Call our Emergency Hotline at 703-844-3886 for a quick response 24/7!

Land Clearing

Are you building a home or commercial center in Great Falls? Contact us to learn more about lot clearing for trees and shrubs. We’ll identify hazards and recommend solutions to preserve as many trees as possible on the lot.

Why choose Riverbend?

Riverbend's owner, Logan Jones, grew up in Great Falls. We’re part of this community and have been since before we opened Riverbend Tree Service. Why choose us? Below are some of the reasons why our customers say Riverbend Tree Service is the best choice for tree service in Great Falls, VA.

ISA Certified Arborist - logo

ISA Certified Arborists

To ensure all tree work is safely and professionally done to industry standards

Locally-Owned & Operated

Founded, owned, and operated by a life-long Great Falls, VA resident

Customer-Focused & Responsive

We always keep you updated and deliver on YOUR needs

Licensed & Fully Insured

For your protection - and ours

  • ISA Certified Arborist - logo

    ISA Certified Arborists

    To ensure all tree work is safely and professionally done to industry standards

  • Locally-owned & operated

    Founded, owned, and operated by a life-long Great Falls, VA resident

  • Customer-Focused & Responsive to Your Needs

    We always keep you updated and deliver on YOUR needs

  • Licensed & Fully Insured

    For your protection - and ours

What We Love About Great Falls

Great Falls is a picturesque community in Fairfax County with lots to offer, including being one of the best suburbs to raise a family near Washington, D.C., and one of the best places to retire in Virginia. Residents and visitors enjoy dining, shopping, outdoor activities, jobs for young professionals, and more. Some of our favorites include:

Did You Know?

Fairfax County usually does not require a permit to remove trees on your property, although you may face restrictions on what types of trees you can remove, harvesting timber on your property, or removing trees from a conservation easement. Visit the Public Works website on tree removal for more information.

"It was great! Logan was very knowledgeable, the people who handled the Riverbend phone were very efficient, and the guys that did the work were very pleasant and highly skilled at the work that needed to be done. We will call on you all again."

Fred B

"Great service and the tree cutters did a great job removing shrubs and cutting and elevating trees. I will definitely have them back when it's the time!"

Keith L

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