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What To Expect When You Choose Riverbend Tree Service

We have several of the top tree industry certifications and credentials, including:

Our arborists are certified to work in both Maryland and Virginia. By choosing us, you can expect knowledgeable arborists and an experienced team who put your safety and concerns first.

Each tree offers so much to the property on which it grows. It provides a source of oxygen, beauty, and enrichment for families who share the land with it. As a property owner, you want the best possible tree service in Potomac, MD, to help your trees thrive.

Our team at Riverbend Tree Service is prepared to provide exceptional service. As a locally owned and operated business, we value your family, property, and trees just as much as you do. We provide a comprehensive range of tree management services while keeping you equipped with the information and resources necessary to help your trees flourish.


Services We Offer in Potomac, MD

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

Although your family might that old tree in the backyard, saying goodbye is sometimes necessary. When trees suffer from diseases, pest infestations, or fungal infections, they may fail to recover from severe damage. This damage could develop in important areas like the root system or trunk, making the tree hazardous for your property and safety.

In other circumstances, we encounter trees that grow too close to buildings or other trees. They may also breach sewage pipes. When cabling and bracing can’t save the tree, our tree removal and stump grinding services remedy these hazards with:

  • Mature tree removal with a crane
  • Hazard mitigation tree removal for dead or dying trees
  • Tree felling

Once we safely fell the tree, we’ll grind and remove the remaining stump. This service prevents further diseases or pests from living on your property and potentially affecting other nearby trees.

Pruning and Trimming

One of the best ways to invest in your trees is through professional tree trimming and tree pruning services. They encourage healthy growth and strong structures while protecting your property and increasing its curb appeal. Some of our pruning techniques include:

  • Property protection pruning. We eliminate weak or crowded limbs that could later fall and land on your home, car, or tool shed.
  • Structural pruning. We prune to fortify the tree’s structure by eliminating branches that put stress on the trunk or significant limbs.
  • Hazardous tree pruning. We inspect trees following a storm and remove any limbs that sustained severe damage from lightning or wind.
  • Crown reduction. This technique is like giving the tree a haircut. We prune to manicure the tree’s shape and appearance.
  • Crown cleaning. Crowded, crossed, or diseased limbs will eventually drain a tree’s health. We remove them to make room for healthy new growth.
  • Crown raising. Sometimes, a tree grows low-hanging limbs that obstruct walkways, driveways, roadways, or other traffic areas. By removing them, we keep both trees and people a little safer.

Tree Health Management

Tree preservation and management is an integral subsection of services that many property owners neglect. Tree health management includes:

This tree service in Potomac, MD, promotes structure and root health while strengthening the tree’s immunity against certain invaders and infections. We liken it to ensuring your kids eat healthy meals and attend checkups with the doctor. After all, prevention is the best medicine.

Land Clearing

If you recently purchased a plot of land and want to develop it, you’ll make numerous difficult decisions regarding blueprints and construction materials. But our lot clearing services simplify one part of the process: preserving certain trees in the area. Our team will scope out potential hazards and identify trees that could enrich your property.

Emergency Tree Service

Following severe, destructive storms, we offer emergency tree service and storm damage clean-up by our safety-trained crews. Although you may not notice any immediate threats, some hazards are invisible until they cause significant damage or injuries. Our team will inspect your trees for damage, remove dangerous branches, and determine whether you need emergency tree removal.

Keep your family and property safe. Call our emergency hotline at (703)-844-3886.

Why Choose Riverbend Tree Service?

Logan Jones, Riverbend Tree Service’s owner, is passionate about his community, family, and, of course, trees. As someone with a personal connection to this region, he works hard to keep the area safe, beautiful, and healthy through his tree services. He developed his business to offer the following qualities to each customer:


ISA Board Certified Master Arborist

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ISA Certification

We keep industry standards at the core of everything we do.

Locally-Owned & Operated

Local businesses put their communities first! 

Customer-driven service

We provide quality services that build life-long relationships.

Licensed and insured

We put safety first for everyone involved in the service process. 

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    ISA Board Certified Master Arborist

  • ISA Certified Arborist - logo


    We keep industry standards at the core of everything we do.


    Local businesses put their communities first! 


    We provide quality services that build life-long relationships. 


    We put safety first for everyone involved in the service process. 

What We Love About Potomac, MD

Potomac, MD, has a rich history with humble beginnings dating back to 1714. The small but fun-loving population enjoys outdoor activities and enriching their personal properties with unique landscape features. This love of nature and the outdoors entices locals to nearby attractions. Personally, we’re fans of these Potomac hot spots:

We also appreciate that the Montgomery County DOT maintains more than 250,000 trees in county right-of-way areas. If you have a problem tree in a right of way, let us help you acquire the necessary permits.

Did You Know…

Champion trees are the largest documented specimens of their species. Montgomery County values champion trees for their age and outstanding survival capabilities. The county’s Forestry Board curates and updates a list of over 300 local champion trees. Find the registry of these trees here.

"The team was well coordinated and also demonstrated skilled work with everything ranging from hand tools to heavy machinery such as a heavy-duty crane. The team was capable of working within the constraints of the project site. This company is a very professional, capable, and high-efficiency tree service team, and safe practices were demonstrated."

Yng-Shing Lee

"The Riverbend crew did a great job trimming our flowering trees —thoughtfully pruning for the shape and health of the trees rather than just the across-the-top buzz cut that some companies perform. Crew thoroughly cleaned up all debris, too. The price was not cheap, but it was fair for the quality of the work, and the scheduling was very prompt. Highly recommend!"

JoAnna Natale

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