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A yellow caution ribbon with green grass and trees in the background

How a Tree Protection Plan Minimizes Tree Damage During Construction

If you have a construction or major landscaping project planned, you’ll want to protect your valuable trees from the risk of inadvertent damage. That's where a tree protection plan comes in handy.
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two-spotted spider mites and webbing

Spider Mites

Spider mites cause stippled and yellowing leaves, defoliation, and can kill plants and trees. Learn what to look for, how to prevent infestation, and how to control spider mites.
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red lawn mower on lawn

Mowing Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Lawn

Are you making the common mowing mistakes that can harm your lawn? Learn the mowing practices to avoid, how they harm your turf grass, and what to do instead.
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Leaf-Eating Caterpillars: Eastern Tent Caterpillar, Gypsy Moth, Fall Webworm

These destructive caterpillars defoliate trees in northern Virginia. Learn about their appearance, timing, damage, preferred trees, and how to control them.
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tent caterpillars on web in tree

Five Destructive Insect Pests That Attack Trees in Northern Virginia

How to identify five common insect pests, when they’re active, signs of damage to look out for, and how to prevent or control them to keep your trees healthy.
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apple tree blossoms

Best Trees for Spring Flowers in Northern Virginia

Five easy-care trees that flower in spring in Loudoun & Fairfax Counties, VA. Descriptions; soil, sunlight & water needs; pests & diseases; and our recommended varieties.
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