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n arborist from Riverbend Landscapes & Tree Service conducts an assessment on a tree in Fairfax County.

Tree Trouble: 5 Common Diseases Plaguing Northern Virginia Trees (and How to Beat Them)

Many diseases threaten the trees of northern Virginia and put your yard at risk. Learn more about the common diseases, their symptoms, and how to manage them.
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Evergreen leaves looking healthy during spring time.

Essential Spring Tree Care Tips for Evergreens in Northern VA

Discover expert spring tree care tips for evergreens in Northern VA. Learn how to properly care for your trees this season for optimal health, growth, and blooms.
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Elegant home in Loudoun County with well-maintained trees and a 'For Sale' sign on the front lawn, showcasing the value of professional tree pruning.

Trim for Top Dollar: Essential Pruning Strategies to Maximize Your Property’s Market Value

Discover how professional tree trimming boosts the market value of properties in Loudoun County, VA. Get expert tips for how to ensure your trees contribute to your property's top dollar value.
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Riverbend Landcapes and Tree Service remove a tree near to a residential roof.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late: Why Preventive Tree Removal Saves Money & Lives

Discover why preventive tree removal is the best option for safeguarding your property, finances, and most importantly, your family's safety.
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A large frost crack runs up the length of a tree trunk, splitting it and exposing the sapwood and interior.

How Harmful Are Frost Cracks to Northern Virginia Trees?

Uncover the truth about frost cracks and their impact on Northern Virginia's trees in this enlightening article. Don't let your trees fall victim to winter!
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A metallic-green emerald ash borer sits on a green leaf with chewed edges.

How To Recognize the Signs and Prevent the Spread of Emerald Ash Borer in Northern Virginia

Don’t lose your Ash trees! Learn to spot and stop the Emerald Ash Borer menace ravaging Northern Virginia.
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Three sets of gloved hands pat down the soil around a newly planted tree.

4 Tree Planting Tips for Northern Virginia

Don’t let bad planting practices ruin your new Northern Virginia trees. Use these tree planting tips to help your trees thrive.
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Long green-leafed crape myrtle branches with pink flowers on the end against a clear blue sky.

Pest Alert: Crape Myrtle Bark Scale

Crape myrtle bark scale is an invasive pest attacking trees throughout Virginia. Learn more about this pest and which of your trees are vulnerable.
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A smiling Riverbend tree climber in a red safety harness hangs from a green rope as he prepares to prune a large, partially broken branch from a large brown trunk against a gray sky.

5 Bad Pruning Examples: Avoid These Mistakes

Improper pruning can injure or even kill your trees and shrubs. Here are five bad pruning examples you should avoid at all costs.
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Water sprays around the base of a tree, wetting the trunk and surrounding plants as rays of sunlight illuminate the water droplets.

How to Avoid Overwatering Your Trees

Overwatering is detrimental to your trees but it’s not always easy to tell if they’ve had too much water or not enough. Learn the signs of overwatering, how to rescue an overwatered tree, and how to prevent overwatering.
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A spinning blade cuts up a tree stump after a tree removal, creating wood chips.

What is Stump Grinding?

People in Northern Virginia have a lot of questions about stump grinding, so we're here with a few answers. We'll even tell you how you can put that ground stump to good use on your property.
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A Riverbend Landscapes & Tree Service tree climber works with a crane operator to remove sections of a tree during a Virginia tree removal.

3 Hidden Costs of a Tree Service “Deal” (and How to Protect Yourself)

Everyone is looking for a deal on services, but often the bargain basement price you pay will cost you in the long run. Don't fall victim to the financial and safety risks of hiring a bargain "tree guy." Discover why it's dangerous and how professional tree service protects you.
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A healthy Virginia property managed by Riverbend.

How to Control Tree Pests and Diseases Without Harming the Environment 

IPM or Integrated Pest Management is one of the environmentally friendly way to control tree pest and diseases. Read this article to learn and understand more about this option.
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Healthy and damaged boxwood.

Are My Boxwoods Dying?

In this article, we will go over some of the common ailments of boxwood shrubs and what you can do to care for these valuable landscape plants.
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Woodpecker holes in a dead tree in Virginia.

Why are woodpeckers damaging my tree?

Woodpecker damage to trees doesn't mean those birds came to your property to pester you. There are reasons why woodpeckers are drilling holes in your trees. Read this article to know why and learn what you should do.
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Riverbend equipment and crew prepare for a tree removal during the winter months.

Winter Tree Removal

Trees can be removed at any time of the year, as long as the company has the right equipment, knowledge, and experience. In fact, there are several benefits to scheduling your tree removal during the winter rather than waiting until spring or summer. Read this post to learn more.
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A Riverbend Tree crew member uses a chainsaw to remove a section of a tree during the winter months in Virginia.

Benefits of Winter or Dormant Pruning or Trimming

Winter is of the best time to prune your trees. Winter pruning offers many benefits, but there things you still have to consider. Learn more about winter pruning in this article.
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Looking up into a healthy beech tree canopy with many light green leaves.

Beech Leaf Disease in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC

Beech leaf disease is a newly discovered disease that impacts all varieties of beech trees. Infected trees can succumb to this disease within only two to six years of being infected. Learn how to recognize this disease and what you can do if your beech tree got infected in this article.
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Close-up of a spotted lanternfly with its wings outstretched on a tree trunk.

Pest Alert – Spotted Lanternfly

Spotted lanternfly may be harmless to humans and animals but it is the opposite when it comes to trees. Learn how to spot this pest and its life stages, what trees and plants they favor, what makes them harmful, and how to prevent them from spreading.
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A row of arborvitae trees planted by Riverbend

Transplanted Trees: Watering, Fertilization & Pruning Guidelines

Guidelines to ensure you’re giving your transplanted tree everything it needs to thrive as it becomes established and some common mistakes to avoid.
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Red lawn mower on lawn

Mowing Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Lawn

Are you making common mowing mistakes that can harm your lawn? Learn the mowing practices to avoid, how they harm your turfgrass, and what to do instead.
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A plant or shrub wrapped in burlap for the winter.

How To Avoid Winter Salt Damage to Trees, Shrubs & Lawns

Salt may leave our roads ice-free and safer, but it isn’t safe for your lawn, shrubs, or trees. Learn the simple things you can do to prevent salt damage to your landscape this winter.
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Frost-covered branches of apple tree with dry leaves in the garden at sunrise.

Prevent Overwintering Insect Pests in Your Northern Virginia Landscape

Some insect pests survive over the winter months and emerge in spring ready to feast on your plants – as well as on you and your pets. Learn how to identify and stop these pests before they multiply.
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Black drainage pipes stacked up before installation.

Prevent Landscape Drainage Problems by Planning Ahead

Landscape drainage problems are not only a headache but can also be financially debilitating. Learn how to prevent damage and avoid costly repairs.
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Tall Virginia pines growing in Virginia.

4 Best Fast-Growing Trees for Northern Virginia

Not all trees that grow quickly are good choices for home landscapes. But there are some trees that grow quickly and still look good, stay healthy, and provide a multitude of benefits for northern Virginia homeowners. Read on for our top recommendations.
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The Riverbend Landscapes and Tree Service crew removes trees using a crane.

Why We Use a Crane for Tree Removal (& How It Benefits You)

Tree removal in northern Virginia often involves tall, dangerous, or heavy trees. A crane is sometimes the only way to take them down safely. Learn why and how a tree company that uses a crane is a benefit to you.
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Dead, brown leaves on the end of several branches on an otherwise healthy deciduous tree in Northern Virginia

Why Are Branch Tips Dying on My Trees? Flagging in Trees Caused by Cicadas

Are branch tips on your deciduous trees dying or breaking off? In Northern Virginia, It’s probably due to the Brood X 17-year cicadas.
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hand holding a hose while watering a lawn in summer in northern Virginia

Summer Lawn Watering in Northern Virginia: Do’s & Don’ts

Learn how often, how much, and when to water your lawn to keep it healthy all summer, plus how to avoid overwatering and underwatering (both are equally bad for your lawn).
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Dry, dead patches of grass in a lawn

Common Summer Lawn Problems in Northern Virginia

Don't let a stressed lawn stress you out! Learn how to recognize, prevent, and deal with these four common summer lawn problems in Northern Virginia.
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A mechanical lawn aerator removes pieces of lawn to allow oxygen and nutrients into the soil.

Lawn Aeration: When, Why & How

Lawn aeration is key to a green, healthy lawn. If you have a lawn (even a tiny one), keeping it aerated ensures you’ll have a healthy, green oasis to relax in all summer long. In this article, you’ll learn about why aerating your lawn is important, including: How aeration benefits your lawn When to aerate…
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A black stem borer (Xylosandrus germanus) on a green leaf

PEST ALERT: Ambrosia Beetles

As temperatures warm in spring, a tiny, destructive pest emerges along with the new leaves on trees and shrubs. It’s the ambrosia beetle. And although its name may sound innocuous, the ambrosia beetle kills thousands of trees throughout Northern Virginia every year. In this article, we cover the facts about this devastating pest, including: The…
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Ways to Repurpose or Recycle a Fallen or Removed Tree

Rather than sending a fallen or removed tree to the landfill, why not repurpose, recycle, or even upcycle the remains? We share a ton of ideas for what to do!
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Is My Tree Dangerous? How to Recognize Tree Hazards

Learning to identify tree risks and defects before they become a serious problem can save your trees, your property, and your cash.
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Riverbend arborist pruning a deciduous tree in spring

When is the Best Time to Prune Trees & Shrubs in Northern Virginia?

Wondering if there's an ideal time to prune trees and shrubs in Northern Virginia? Learn when to prune flowering trees & shrubs, evergreens, conifers, fruit trees, and deciduous trees & shrubs for optimal health and beauty.
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Best Types of Mulch for Your Landscape [and What to Avoid!]

Learn what mulch is, which types of material to use (and what not to use), what mulch volcanoes are, and how to avoid landscape problems while getting all the benefits that mulch offers.
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Boxwood Blight: Identification, Prevention & Control

Boxwood blight is one of the most common and lethal plant diseases seen in Northern Virginia landscapes. Learn how to identify, prevent, and control it.
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A yellow caution ribbon with green grass and trees in the background

Minimize Tree Damage During Construction with a Tree Protection Plan

If you have a construction or major landscaping project planned, you’ll want to protect your valuable trees from the risk of inadvertent damage. That's where a tree protection plan comes in handy.
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two-spotted spider mites and webbing

Spider Mites: Symptoms, Prevention & Control

Spider mites cause stippled and yellowing leaves, defoliation, and can kill plants and trees. Learn what to look for, how to prevent infestation, and how to control spider mites.
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Leaf-Eating Caterpillars: Eastern Tent Caterpillar, Gypsy Moth, Fall Webworm

These destructive caterpillars defoliate trees in northern Virginia. Learn about their appearance, timing, damage, preferred trees, and how to control them.
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tent caterpillars on web in tree

Five Destructive Insect Pests That Attack Trees in Northern Virginia

How to identify five common insect pests, when they’re active, signs of damage to look out for, and how to prevent or control them to keep your trees healthy.
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apple tree blossoms

Best Trees for Spring Flowers in Northern Virginia

Five easy-care trees that flower in spring in Loudoun & Fairfax Counties, VA. Descriptions; soil, sunlight & water needs; pests & diseases; and our recommended varieties.
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