A Riverbend Landscapes & Tree Service tree climber works with a crane operator to remove sections of a tree during a Virginia tree removal.

3 Hidden Costs of a Tree Service “Deal” (and How to Protect Yourself)

Everyone is looking for a deal on services, but often the bargain basement price you pay will cost you in the long run. Don’t fall victim to the financial and safety risks of hiring a bargain “tree guy.” Discover why it’s dangerous and how professional tree service protects you.

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Red lawn mower on lawn

Mowing Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Lawn

Are you making common mowing mistakes that can harm your lawn? Learn the mowing practices to avoid, how they harm your turfgrass, and what to do instead.

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Black drainage pipes stacked up before installation.

Prevent Landscape Drainage Problems by Planning Ahead

Landscape drainage problems are not only a headache but can also be financially debilitating. Learn how to prevent damage and avoid costly repairs.

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hand holding a hose while watering a lawn in summer in northern Virginia

Summer Lawn Watering in Northern Virginia: Do’s & Don’ts

Learn how often, how much, and when to water your lawn to keep it healthy all summer, plus how to avoid overwatering and underwatering (both are equally bad for your lawn).

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Dry, dead patches of grass in a lawn

Common Summer Lawn Problems in Northern Virginia

Don’t let a stressed lawn stress you out! Learn how to recognize, prevent, and deal with these four common summer lawn problems in Northern Virginia.

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A mechanical lawn aerator removes pieces of lawn to allow oxygen and nutrients into the soil.

Lawn Aeration: When, Why & How

Lawn aeration is key to a green, healthy lawn. If you have a lawn (even a tiny one), keeping it aerated ensures you’ll have a healthy, green oasis to relax in all summer long. In this article, you’ll learn about why aerating your lawn is important, including: How aeration benefits your lawn When to aerate…

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