A metallic-green emerald ash borer sits on a green leaf with chewed edges.

How To Recognize the Signs and Prevent the Spread of Emerald Ash Borer in Northern Virginia

Don’t lose your Ash trees! Learn to spot and stop the Emerald Ash Borer menace ravaging Northern Virginia.

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Long green-leafed crape myrtle branches with pink flowers on the end against a clear blue sky.

Pest Alert: Crape Myrtle Bark Scale

Crape myrtle bark scale is an invasive pest attacking trees throughout Virginia. Learn more about this pest and which of your trees are vulnerable.

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A healthy Virginia property managed by Riverbend.

How to Control Tree Pests and Diseases Without Harming the Environment 

IPM or Integrated Pest Management is one of the environmentally friendly way to control tree pest and diseases. Read this article to learn and understand more about this option.

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Healthy and damaged boxwood.

Are My Boxwoods Dying?

In this article, we will go over some of the common ailments of boxwood shrubs and what you can do to care for these valuable landscape plants.

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Close-up of a spotted lanternfly with its wings outstretched on a tree trunk.

Pest Alert – Spotted Lanternfly

Spotted lanternfly may be harmless to humans and animals but it is the opposite when it comes to trees. Learn how to spot this pest and its life stages, what trees and plants they favor, what makes them harmful, and how to prevent them from spreading.

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Frost-covered branches of apple tree with dry leaves in the garden at sunrise.

Prevent Overwintering Insect Pests in Your Northern Virginia Landscape

Some insect pests survive over the winter months and emerge in spring ready to feast on your plants – as well as on you and your pets. Learn how to identify and stop these pests before they multiply.

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A black stem borer (Xylosandrus germanus) on a green leaf

PEST ALERT: Ambrosia Beetles

As temperatures warm in spring, a tiny, destructive pest emerges along with the new leaves on trees and shrubs. It’s the ambrosia beetle. And although its name may sound innocuous, the ambrosia beetle kills thousands of trees throughout Northern Virginia every year. In this article, we cover the facts about this devastating pest, including: The…

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two-spotted spider mites and webbing

Spider Mites: Symptoms, Prevention & Control

Spider mites cause stippled and yellowing leaves, defoliation, and can kill plants and trees. Learn what to look for, how to prevent infestation, and how to control spider mites.

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Leaf-Eating Caterpillars: Eastern Tent Caterpillar, Gypsy Moth, Fall Webworm

These destructive caterpillars defoliate trees in northern Virginia. Learn about their appearance, timing, damage, preferred trees, and how to control them.

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tent caterpillars on web in tree

Five Destructive Insect Pests That Attack Trees in Northern Virginia

How to identify five common insect pests, when they’re active, signs of damage to look out for, and how to prevent or control them to keep your trees healthy.

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