Three sets of gloved hands pat down the soil around a newly planted tree.

4 Tree Planting Tips for Northern Virginia

Don’t let bad planting practices ruin your new Northern Virginia trees. Use these tree planting tips to help your trees thrive.

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A smiling Riverbend tree climber in a red safety harness hangs from a green rope as he prepares to prune a large, partially broken branch from a large brown trunk against a gray sky.

5 Bad Pruning Examples: Avoid These Mistakes

Improper pruning can injure or even kill your trees and shrubs. Here are five bad pruning examples you should avoid at all costs.

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Water sprays around the base of a tree, wetting the trunk and surrounding plants as rays of sunlight illuminate the water droplets.

How to Avoid Overwatering Your Trees

Overwatering is detrimental to your trees but it’s not always easy to tell if they’ve had too much water or not enough. Learn the signs of overwatering, how to rescue an overwatered tree, and how to prevent overwatering.

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A Riverbend Landscapes & Tree Service tree climber works with a crane operator to remove sections of a tree during a Virginia tree removal.

Why Professional Tree Service is Worth It

Everyone is looking for a deal on services, but often times the bargain basement price you pay will cost you in the long run. Hiring a professional tree service is a smart choice because a pro service has the training, equipment, and experience to complete a job efficiently, safely, and correctly. Bargain “tree guys” may seem like a good idea, but their methods and lack of professional skills and knowledge can leave your trees unhealthy, requiring you to pay a lot more to get the trees back on track.

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A Riverbend Tree crew member uses a chainsaw to remove a section of a tree during the winter months in Virginia.

Benefits of Winter or Dormant Pruning or Trimming

Winter is of the best time to prune your trees. Winter pruning offers many benefits, but there things you still have to consider. Learn more about winter pruning in this article.

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A row of arborvitae trees planted by Riverbend

Transplanted Trees: Watering, Fertilization & Pruning Guidelines

Guidelines to ensure you’re giving your transplanted tree everything it needs to thrive as it becomes established and some common mistakes to avoid.

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The Riverbend Landscapes and Tree Service crew removes trees using a crane.

Why We Use a Crane for Tree Removal (& How It Benefits You)

Tree removal in northern Virginia often involves tall, dangerous, or heavy trees. A crane is sometimes the only way to take them down safely. Learn why and how a tree company that uses a crane is a benefit to you.

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Dead, brown leaves on the end of several branches on an otherwise healthy deciduous tree in Northern Virginia

Why Are Branch Tips Dying on My Trees? Flagging in Trees Caused by Cicadas

Are branch tips on your deciduous trees dying or breaking off? In Northern Virginia, It’s probably due to the Brood X 17-year cicadas.

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Ways to Repurpose or Recycle a Fallen or Removed Tree

Rather than sending a fallen or removed tree to the landfill, why not repurpose, recycle, or even upcycle the remains? We share a ton of ideas for what to do!

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Is Your Tree Dangerous? How to Evaluate Tree Safety

Learning to identify tree risks and defects before they become a serious problem can save your trees, your property, and your cash.

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