Is Your Tree Dangerous? How to Evaluate Tree Safety

Learning to identify tree risks and defects before they become a serious problem can save your trees, your property, and your cash.

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Riverbend arborist pruning a deciduous tree in spring

When is the Best Time to Prune Trees & Shrubs in Northern Virginia?

Wondering if there’s an ideal time to prune trees and shrubs in Northern Virginia? Learn when to prune flowering trees & shrubs, evergreens, conifers, fruit trees, and deciduous trees & shrubs for optimal health and beauty.

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Best Types of Mulch for Your Landscape [and What to Avoid!]

Learn what mulch is, which types of material to use (and what not to use), what mulch volcanoes are, and how to avoid landscape problems while getting all the benefits that mulch offers.

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A yellow caution ribbon with green grass and trees in the background

Minimize Tree Damage During Construction with a Tree Protection Plan

If you have a construction or major landscaping project planned, you’ll want to protect your valuable trees from the risk of inadvertent damage. That’s where a tree protection plan comes in handy.

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