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Homeowners in McLean turn to Riverbend Tree Service for tree trimming, tree preservation and management, lot clearing, and emergency tree removal. Owner Logan Jones grew up around landscapers and tree trimmers in the Great Falls area and is an ISA-certified arborist.

At Riverbend Tree Service, we have certified arborists, an ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ) arborist, and are members of the American Society of Consulting Arborists (ASCA) with a combined 65 years of experience in arboriculture and tree services in McLean, VA.

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Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

While we try to focus on tree preservation and management as arborists, sometimes the best thing we can do for our neighbors in McLean is to recommend tree removal. For large trees, we can perform tree removal with a crane. When do we recommend tree removal?

  • Hazard mitigation. Some trees are unstable, damaged, or otherwise pose a danger to people or property nearby and require removal.
  • Tree is dead or dying. Deteriorating trees can lose heavy limbs or break across the trunk, collapsing onto other trees or nearby property.
  • Tree is obstructing views or access. Trees can grow large enough to interfere with roads, sidewalks, power lines, or buildings.
  • Overcrowding. Trees may grow too close together and begin to compete for limited resources.
  • Nearby construction. Construction could require tree removal to make space for building plans, utilities, pathways, and other developments.
  • Oversized tree. Sometimes a tree outgrows the area, overshadowing the rest of your landscaping, breaking your concrete patio, driveway, or sidewalk with overgrown roots, and damaging shingles by rubbing against your roof.

We offer stump grinding as an add-on service to our tree removal service. Leaving stumps behind on a property can create a tripping hazard, damage lawnmowers, and other landscaping tools, and attract tree diseases and pests to infect the stump and spread to other trees on your property. We grind down the stump and the surface roots three feet out from the stump center and fill the hole with mulch.

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Tree trimming and pruning are essential to maintaining the health and structure of a tree. There are four main types of tree pruning to consider for trees on your property, including:

  • Crown cleaning. This type of structural pruning focuses on cleaning up dead or dying branches and removing risk during growth and development of the tree.
  • Crown raising. This type of property protection pruning removes lower branches to raise the crown of the tree away from buildings, sidewalks, and lower structures.
  • Crown reduction or shaping. When a tree overgrows its space or begins growing up into power lines or other structures, we can reduce the canopy and limb length to prevent obstructions.
  • Hazardous tree pruning. This hazard mitigation tree trimming strategy identifies weak limbs and cuts them back before they break off during high winds or snow build-up.

When you need pruning or trimming tree services in McLean, VA, turn to our certified arborists at Riverbend Tree Service. We can identify weak limbs, dead branches, heavy canopies, and other issues and recommend the best way to prune your trees to improve their health and reduce the likelihood of future diseases or pests.

Tree Health Management

We offer a tree health management program that includes regular inspections by our arborists, including tree risk assessments from our TRAQ-certified arborist.


We can get soil tests from your property to identify the structure, makeup, pH, and nutrient deficiencies of your property’s soil and develop custom fertilizer blends and soil amendments to correct imbalances and feed your trees and shrubs.

Insect Pests and Diseases

There are several insect species, fungi, and diseases that love to make their homes in Northern Virginia trees, including:

  • Ambrosia beetles
  • Apple scab
  • Aphids
  • Anthracnose
  • Scale insects
  • Fire blight
  • Spider mites
  • Boxwood blight

These pests and diseases can quickly damage a tree, causing it to wither and die in a short period. With regular inspections from an arborist, you can prevent losing trees to infections or infestations.

Root Health Management

Our root health management program focuses on root rejuvenation for tree and shrub care, including soil aeration, decompacting soil around the roots, and improving nutrient and water absorption.

Emergency Tree Service and Storm Damage Clean-Up

You should never attempt removing storm-damaged trees yourself. We are licensed and certified professionals with the proper safety equipment for emergency tree removal. Damaged trees can be extremely dangerous, and we don’t want you hurting yourself trying to move a downed tree. Call us immediately to request professional assistance removing storm-damaged trees or before a storm for cabling and bracing.

Land Clearing

If you’re developing a residential property, large commercial tract, or multi-family property, contact us for a quote for lot clearing. We can identify hazards that require removal and suggest tree preservation and management techniques for as many trees as possible.

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At Riverbend Tree Service, we’re from here. We have kids in schools here, participate in the PTA, and support other local small businesses. Why choose us?

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About Great Falls, VA

McLean is a beautiful community in North Virginia offering residents and visitors A-graded schools, job opportunities for young professionals, and nearby shopping, dining, and entertainment, including:

  • Great Falls Park
  • Tysons Corner Center
  • Clemyjontri Park
  • Kazan Restaurant
  • Tachibana
  • Cava Grill

Did You Know?

Did you know that the International Society of Arboriculture posts information on for homeowners and property owners to learn about caring for the trees on their property?

“Logan and his crew were competent, efficient, and friendly. They did a really good job transforming our yard. I would happily do business with them again.”

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“Riverbend Landscapes & Tree Service provided outstanding tree removal and trimming services for us at an excellent price. Logan Jones and his staff...Arborist Peter Hart, the tree "climbers" and office staff, were highly skilled and professional. Watching the amazing climbers move through the trees with skill and precision, was a "great sporting event during an otherwise, terrible pandemic".”

Olga H

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