Winter Tree Removal

Can Trees Be Removed in Winter?

As with many kinds of tree work, it is often assumed that trees can only be removed during the warmer months of the year. However, that belief is false. Trees can be removed at any time of the year, as long as the company has the right equipment, knowledge, and experience.

In fact, there are several benefits to scheduling your tree removal during the winter rather than waiting until spring or summer.

In this article, we will answer your questions about winter tree work, cover some of the benefits of winter tree removal, and let you know how and when to schedule your tree(s) to be removed.

A Riverbend tree climber works to remove a tree near a home in the winter.

Common questions about winter tree removals

Whether you are familiar with the concept of tree removals in the winter, or if it is something new to you, you may have questions. Below are some of the most common questions we’ve received about winter tree removals.

A Riverbend bucket truck assists a Riverbend employee to reach the top branches of a tree during winter tree work.

Isn’t tree work only done seasonally (spring through fall)?

Most professional tree care companies (including Riverbend) provide tree care year-round. As we mentioned in our article on the benefits of winter or dormant pruning or trimming, winter tree care can oftentimes be beneficial.

If someone who removes trees doesn’t have some professional equipment, removing trees during the winter would be incredibly difficult. Luckily, Riverbend has the vehicles and equipment to make removals during the winter months nearly the same as any other time of year.

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The only difference is that winter work may sometimes be delayed due to inclement weather. We don’t want our crews to hurt themselves (or your property) when the roads are slick, snow is reducing visibility, or winter storms are in full force.

Why haven’t I seen trees being removed in winter?

You may not see it happening, but we remove trees often during the winter months! People spend more time indoors in the winter, which may be one reason winter tree removals aren’t often seen or noticed.

Interestingly, many people don’t know that winter tree removal is an option. Spring is a common time when people begin to spend more time in their yards and may notice that a tree is no longer producing leaves. Realizing that their tree has died, they then schedule their professional removal.

While it may be difficult to ascertain if your tree is dead or just dormant (especially for deciduous trees, which lose their leaves each year), the tree professionals at Riverbend are able to tell.

Not sure if your tree is dead? Schedule a tree assessment.

Are winter tree removals only done after winter storms?

Removing trees that have been damaged or uprooted from winter storms is a common issue, and we often do that as part of our emergency tree services.

However, trees can be removed for a variety of reasons, even during the winter.

In fact, there are several benefits to having your trees removed during the winter months.

A Riverbend employee adds logs to a truck during a winter tree removal.

Benefits of Removing Trees While They Are Dormant

Deciduous trees have lost their leaves in winter, which can make your tree removal faster and can also create less mess.

The lack of leaves can make it easier for tree care workers to view the structure of the tree, reach sections of the tree, and quickly move branches. The lack of leaves also makes the tree lighter and enables us to transport the removed sections of a tree off your property without using more vehicles.

Benefits of Removing Trees When the Ground is Frozen

When temperatures are cold enough for the ground to freeze, this can help during tree removals. While we take steps to protect your lawn from our equipment and the heavy sections of the tree being removed, the frozen ground is an extra level of protection. It can prevent divots from fallen limbs or ruts from other pieces of equipment.

This can be especially helpful when removing a conifer tree, as the needles stay on year-round.

The frozen ground also prevents your other plants and shrubs from being disturbed while we complete the tree removal.

Riverbend truck and chipper ready for a winter tree removal.

Benefits of Removing Trees During the “Off-Season”

While we do provide tree services year-round, the winter season can sometimes be slower, meaning that you may be able to schedule your tree removal much sooner than during other times of the year when there is a long waiting list.

It is also convenient because many homeowners have removed and stored many of their warm-season items, such as lawn furniture. This means that you won’t have to move as many items to prep for your tree removal, and it gives us better access to the tree(s) being removed.

Benefits of Winter Tree Removals Before Storms

If your tree is in danger of breaking or falling, inclement weather, including storms, can be the final step that causes your tree to break or fall.

Removing your tree in winter ensures that the potential hazard has been removed before it has a chance to cause damage.

Don’t forget, ice and heavy snow can also cause trees to break and sections of the tree to fall. If you know that your tree is a potential hazard, it should be removed as soon as possible.

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Benefits of Winter Tree Removals Before Pests Return

If you are removing a tree due to it succumbing to a tree pest (or disease), having the tree removed in winter can prevent the pest from moving to other trees on your property. If this is a concern, be sure to discuss it with a Riverbend tree care professional before your tree removal.

A Riverbend employee uses tree removal equipment during a tree removal in the winter.

Riverbend Provides Tree Services Year-Round

Winter tree removals aren’t the only services we provide during the colder months! Winter tree pruning is a common task, as are professional tree inspections. The tree dormancy is a great time to check for any issues with your trees before new spring growth, returning pests, and ongoing health issues.

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Some tree issues may need to be treated immediately, while others are treated in early spring. Scheduling a tree health assessment in winter is a way to check on the health of your trees and schedule any treatments or preventative care that may be needed.

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