Yard Drainage Services in Washington DC


Yards that do not drain properly are more likely to flood, which kills plants and can be an eyesore. Having proper yard drainage in place is necessary for ensuring your yard stays healthy. The key for any homeowner who wants beautiful landscaping and a dry yard is to marry aesthetics with functionality.

Riverbend offers a variety of drainage installation services in Washington DC that will match your landscaping style while protecting your yard—and your home—from excess water. We offer stormwater management and water retention, grading, and French drains to meet your needs.


Stormwater Management & Water Retention Systems

Heavy rain can wreak havoc on landscaping, causing flooding, humidity, and creating a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Investing in excellent stormwater management or water retention will prevent these issues. There are a variety of ways to implement effective stormwater management, including drainage plans, soil grading, creating rain gardens, installing creek beds, and more.

Riverbend Landscapes & Tree Service offers a variety of stormwater management and water retention systems to keep your yard dry. We assess your current yard layout, identify high and low points in the yard, and address areas that need drainage assistance. For yards with a lot of excess water, we can install pipes and drains beneath your driveway or soil to collect and redirect water. Whatever your needs, we will ensure the plan we create is effective while matching your landscape design.


Your soil plays a large role in how well your yard drains. Your soil must be sloped appropriately, especially around your foundation, to ensure excess water flows properly through your yard and away from your home. Our team are soil grading experts. We will carefully determine the areas in your yard without proper grading, and add or re-arrange soil wherever needed. We always use the right amount of soil and account for potential erosion to keep your yard flood-free for a long time to come.

French Drains

A French drain is a ditch or trench that is designed to carry water away from your home and yard. The trench contains a large, perforated pipe surrounded by gravel, which will redirect excess water to prevent flooding. Though largely functional, French drains can add a rustic, charming look to any yard.

Riverbend offers French drain installation. We will review your yard to determine if you can benefit from a French drain, as well as determine if you need a shallow or deep model. We will help design the French drain to blend in with your landscape design.

Keep Your Yard Dry With Riverbend Landscapes!

The Northern Virginia landscaping professionals and Riverbend Landscapes & Tree Service are yard drainage experts. Our variety of drainage solutions will ensure extra water stays out of your yard—and your home. We offer customized options for every client to ensure each client has the effective solutions they need. We believe in making all of our customers part of the process, and always strive to provide superior customer service. Our basic principles of Honesty, Dependability, Accessibility, and Personal Attention guide everything we do and allow us to provide excellent landscaping service.


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