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Northern Virginia Yard Drainage

The main factor in obtaining a healthy and refreshed lawn is a proper yard drainage system. Adding a proper drainage system can save you thousands of dollars on property damage. If you find that your yard is constantly flooding, you may need to consider installing a drainage system. With proper yard drainage, your landscape will obtain the proper nourishment it needs to stay in great condition.

Riverbend Landscapes & Tree Service provides custom stormwater management, grading solutions, French drains, and water retention systems to suit every type of landscape in Northern Virginia. Give your yard the protection it needs to remain healthy through any storm or excessive rainfalls. Learn more about our effective and professional yard drainage service offerings below.

Stormwater Management & Water Retention Systems

Heavy amounts of rain can be harmful to your landscape, causing floods, and paves way for a mosquito breeding ground. Investing in a professional stormwater management or water retention system prevents flooding and will allow your yard to remain dry. We assess your current yard layout – high and low points – as well as address any areas that need drainage assistance. If you have a yard with an excessive amount of water or flooding, we will utilize a pipe and drain system beneath your driveway or soil to redirect the water away from your home.

Our stormwater management systems: catch basin, dry creek beds, french drainage systems, gutter downspout extensions, infiltration trench, & regrading.

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The type of soil you have will determine how well your yard will drain. If your yard around your foundation isn’t properly sloped or has a negative grade, then this will make it prone to flooding, which may cause damage to your home’s foundation. Our team of soil grading experts will evaluate your yard and implement grading improvements as needed by adding or rearranging the soil where your yard slopes toward your foundation. We will make a record of any potential risks of erosion during our evaluation and grading processes to ensure your yard remains in great health throughout each season.

French Drainage Installation

When grading is not an effective option in fixing a soggy yard, installing a French drainage system is a great alternative. A French drainage system keeps water from flowing toward your home and flooding your yard. When a french drain is installed, the ditch or trench will consist of a large, perforated pipe surrounded by gravel. It is designed to redirect excessive water flow and prevent flooding to keep your landscape healthy and thriving. 

Prevent Floods in Your Yard with Effective Drainage Systems

At Riverbend Landscapes & Tree Service, our drainage experts will install a cost-efficient drainage system that is fully functional, prevents excessive water flow, and improves your landscape’s health. Our drainage solutions are customized to your landscape’s specific needs and will protect your home from expensive repairs. With honest and friendly professionals, you will receive exceptional customer service and a drainage system that allows for a usable property.

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