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Northern Virginia Professional Tree Work

Riverbend Landscapes & Tree Service can deliver a wide range of tree work including removal, pruning, healthcare, and immediate, on-call emergency services. Our ISA-certified arborists use state-of-the-art equipment to effectively maintain trees and safely remove overgrown or diseased trees from your landscape. 

Tree Removal

Our tree experts are experienced in crown thinning, removal of dead or diseased branches, canopy elevation, as well as crown reduction. Whether you have hazardous or diseased trees in your yard, our skilled arborists have the professional experience to quickly detect disease and completely remove these infected branches and trees with cranes and other tree removal equipment.

Tree Pruning

Our arborists specialize in removing excessive, overgrown, or dead branches to allow more light and air to pass through to keep your trees and landscape thriving. We understand the best techniques to maintain different trees by implementing efficient and selective crown thinning, or the removal of diseased, dead, and dying tree branches. Our team also uses the safest methods to reduce risks to your property.

Tree Healthcare

Preventative Healthcare can help maintain maintain your trees. If we notice that your trees are showing potential signs of disease due to extreme weather conditions, poor soil type, and lack of nutrients, our tree experts will offer personalized solutions tailored to your trees specific needs. Our professional tree healthcare services will reduce the risk of disease from spreading to the plants throughout your landscape, which will save you more in the long run.

Emergency Services

When a tree suddenly falls over, it can be an overwhelming experience trying to figure out what to do next. You can trust our team to be on-call and highly responsive to your tree emergency. When removing any fallen trees or debris, our services are quick, organized, and cost-effective.

Experiencing A Tree Emergency? Call (703) 963-3938 for on-call emergency services!

Why Choose Us?

Certified Arborists

Our tree experts have acquired the professional training and experience to efficiently maintain and remove trees from a number of residences and commercial spaces in Northern Virginia.

Professional Experience

As Northern Virginia’s premier tree services and landscaping company, we have dealt with projects both large and small. We specialize in tree services ranging from tree evaluation, crown cleaning, thinning, raising, pruning, fertilization & more.


Our tree experts are dedicated to providing you with quality tree work and landscaping services. We will always keep you updated every step of the way so you know you’re getting quality at a reasonable price.

Upgrade Your Yard With Professional Landscape Services

Our team is committed to helping your landscape vision thrive while instilling our four key pillars: honesty, dependability, accessibility and personal attention. This ensures each tree work service is handled with the utmost care and attention. Speak with a tree trimming and removal specialist today!

Customer Feedback

A BIG thanks to Logan Jones and crew! When a tree came down the other night, crashing on top of our neighbor’s car (ugh!). I called Logan and within a couple of hours, they had the tree cut up, hauled away, and everything cleaned up. He was also able to fix our fence, although the car didn’t fare as well. Just a fantastic job!!!!

Robin M

Logan Jones owner of Riverbend Landscapes and Tree Service of Great Falls, VA recently removed 16 huge 50 year old white pine trees that surround our house. Every aspect of the job was accomplished by the very highest professional standards. Of the four estimates that we got Logan’s was the most reasonable and comprehensive. The equipment that was used included a huge crane, state-of-the art hydraulic log hauler, high capacity chipper and remote-control stump grinder. All the tree trunks and branches were removed in large dumpster. The workers were highly skilled, courteous and meticulous in the clean up. This was a 5-star performance by every measure.

Nextdoor, July 2019

Riverbend Landscapes provides excellent service and quality work. They have always been professional and proactive. Very happy with all of their services.

Mondy V

I had a large pine tree (60' tall) about 9 feet from my house. The trunk was about 3' diameter, and the tree was very full. I discovered Riverbend though some friends. After trying to reach a number of tree services, Riverbend was the only one who was truly responsive and made me feel they would do the job properly. They gave me a fair price and listened to all my concerns. Logan was great about staying in contact with me and came out while his crew was working to check on them. Not only did they do a great job at removing my tree and trimming some other trees, but they cleaned up the site better than any contractor I have used. The team was courteous and seemed to be having a great time. I have already recommended Riverbend to others and will continue to do so. I don't think you can find a better company.

Mark S

I add our kudos to Logan of Riverbend Landscapes too. Last week I called him about 2 dead pine trees and my protective deer fence that was damaged. He was there with a crew within an hour – cut down and hauled away the two pine trees and put up a new deer fence for us. The fence is even better than the original! Logan is dependable, fast, and his prices are very fair. He also promptly plows us out if there is a snow storm and keeps us warm with firewood deliveries. We highly recommend him.

Patricia P

Riverbend Landscapes provides excellent service and quality work. They have always been professional and proactive. Very happy with all of their services.

Mondy V

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